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2.32s2 weeks? But I have a baby at home!
2.52sWe would have sent you back with the other passengers,
2.53sbut, uh, we didn't know you were stuck in the bathroom.
1.79sWe weren't doing what you're thinking.
0.93s- I was. - Hmm.
1.45sWe apologize for the hijacking.
1.4sAh, That's ok.
3.14sy'know, You people are nothing like the Communists they show on T.V.
2.33sWe now return to The Communists.
2.43sI hear report cards were handed out today.
1.63sWhat were your gradeS?
1.63sUh... Uh...
2.6sQuit Stalin and answer your father.
2.77sGo ahead, honey, and tell us your Marx.
1.83sDo I Khrushchev?
1.97sDid somebody say "Khrushchev"?
2.69sI say, Janet, do you like this couch?
2.7sOh, You truly are beautiful. You know that?
2.53sOh, Janet, our future is so bright.
7.32sOh, yes. There'll be lots of cookies and there'll be dancing and Christmas mornings, and arguments over the proper way to discipline the children, and...