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1.5sOh, my God! It's England!
2.03sWe've reached England! We're saved!
2.03sReally? Are you sure it's England?
2.57sYes, I can see the white cliffs of Dover.
2.74sBoy, they weren't kidding. Those things are white.
2.43sSo, we're gonna take the whole family on vacation this summer.
2.5sLoad up the Country Squire and head up to New Hampshire.
2sBy the way, thanks for the recommendation.
1.13sGreat cheese shop.
3.1sYeah. You know, our youngest has been accepted to Northfield Mount Hermon.
2.57sOh, gosh, is Lauren in high school already?
3.37sYeah. You know, a funny thing happened to me on the way to middle age.
1.4sMy kids grew up.
3.67s(LAUGHING) Say, you know, when you take that vacation,
1.77sdon't forget traveler's insurance.
2.53sA lot of people do, and a lot of people are sorry.
3.94sLondon in wartime. This is history right here, Brian.
2.07sAnd look, there's Winston Churchill!
3.14sMaybe we'll get an up-close look at his legendary wit.
3.34sOh, Winston, drunk again, I see.
1.47sYeah, well, you're a cunt.
1s(LAUGHING) Wickedly funny.