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1.33s"Poop chute lawsuit."
1.13sI don't remember that one.
1.73sThat one doesn't sound real.
1.37sMAN: (ON TV) Ladies and gentlemen, Scarlett Johansson,
1.1sand for some reason, Steve Buscemi.
1.27sMan, look at that Steve Buscemi.
2.74sEvery one of his teeth is in business for itself.
4.47sYou know, Steve, the art director's job is never an easy one.
2.64sThat's right, Scarlett, but this year...
1.03sHey, where are you going?
1.17sI'm going to the Elton John party.
1.37sWhat the hell?
1.57sI told you we were staying for the Governors Ball.
3.94sAnd I told you, Tim, we would see how the evening plays out.
3.44sYou guys have fun. I'm going for Scarlett.
1.13sIt smells like Josh Hartnett's balls in there.
1.87sPeter, may I use your restroom?
2.8sI took a laxative and a stool hardener,
1.6sand they're fighting it out in there.
2.1sYeah, it's upstairs, Mort.
2.84sOh, boy, I hope there's a scale in there.
2.97sI'd like to have a "before" and "after" on this one.
0.97sI'll be out in a minute.
1.53sI really need to go.
1.17sShe said she'll be out in a minute!