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1.03sDas poop!
2.44sI want to get back on the motorcycle.
1.47sI told you. It's out of gas.
1.67sWhy isn't the time machine working?
1.33sI don't know, Mort.
2.97sI hate it here. I hate this whole goddamn place.
1.77sIt's all a bunch of shit.
1.9sIt's all a bunch of goddamn shit.
1.63sOkay, take it easy, man.
1.3sNo, fuck you, Stewie.
2.24sI'm a Jew in Nazi-occupied Europe.
2.1sFuck you. Fuck the both of you!
1.77sI didn't say anything. Thanks, Brian.
1.63sThis is a bunch of shit.
2.5sOkay, you know what, Mort? Shut up, all right. Just shut the fuck up!
1.17sI don't give a shit about you.
1.37sYou know, we could just leave you here.
2.07sYeah, right, just leave me here. That's great.
1.43sWe're in occupied Europe,
2.04sand if you haven't noticed, I'm Jewish.
2.2sOh, I noticed. Helen Keller would notice.
2.4s(CHUCKLES) Eat my ass, Brian.
1.27sDon't you mean your assneck?
1.7sShut up. That's a real thing.