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1.4sMy kids grew up.
3.67s(LAUGHING) Say, you know, when you take that vacation,
1.77sdon't forget traveler's insurance.
2.53sA lot of people do, and a lot of people are sorry.
3.94sLondon in wartime. This is history right here, Brian.
2.07sAnd look, there's Winston Churchill!
3.14sMaybe we'll get an up-close look at his legendary wit.
3.34sOh, Winston, drunk again, I see.
1.47sYeah, well, you're a cunt.
1s(LAUGHING) Wickedly funny.
3.07sI guess history has just whittled it down to the gems.
1.67sWhy isn't the time machine working?
1.17sI'm working on it, Mort, all right?
2.07sOh. Here's the problem.
1.13sWhat? What is it?
1.93sThe transfer circuits are powered by uranium,
1.3sand this thing is tapped out.
1.83sWait a minute. Are you saying we need to find some uranium?
1.4sI'm afraid so.
2.57sBut where do we find uranium in World War II Europe?
1.57sThere's only one place.