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3.6sChris, these are plantains. And there's nothing wrong with them.
4.34sIn fact, a lot of women prefer them to normal-size bananas.
1.73sBecause they're exotic,
3.67sand flavorful and very, very special.
4.09sOh, yeah, Sure, Lois. All the sorority girls are clamoring for the plantain section.
1.32sStop with this!
0.9sLook, Peter,
2.1syou're overreacting to this Chris stuff.
2.6sI mean--i mean, Mine goes inside of me when I stand up.
1.03sHow do you think I feel?
1.33sIs Dad mad at me?
1.57sOh, Of course not, honey.
3.62sNow Go pick out a box of cereal, and meet me at the 10-inches- or-less line.
1.35sNice, huh?
1.63sYeah, You like this?
1.18sOh, my God.
2.29sStop it, Peter. You're embarrassin' me.
1.83sLook, I know you're upset, but--
1.87sOh, My God. Where's Stewie?
1sHe's around.
3.3sArgh! Let me out of this stink-filled corduroy dungeon!
1.2sPeter, that's sick!
2.57sIt's ok. He's outside the underwear.