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2.7sPeter, the caller I.D. says you're calling from the kitchen.
2.3sIn fact, I can see you.
1sCan you see me now?
1.58sOk, Now I'm at the office.
1.7sScore's tied. Next basket wins.
1.87sChris, You might finally beat your old man.
2.9sWhat are you talking about, "old man"? I'm the white Larry Bird.
1.79sWhaT do you got? What do you got?
1.42sHuh? Huh? Come on!
1.85sYour mother and I are getting a divorce!
1.74sYou are?
1.32sYes! Yes!
1.2sOh. Oh, No. We worked it out.
3.34sWell, son, you played good. But your dad is still number one.
3.8sYeah, I don't think I'll ever beat you.
2.3sHey, Chris? What's with your leg?
2.23sOh My God! That's not your leG!
1.07sWhat's wrong, honey?
1.53sI'll tell you what's wrong.
2.27sI'm trying to make love to you, and you're thinking about Chris.
2.05sPeter, is there something you need to tell me?
2.5sThanks to you, our son has a huge wang.