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3.59sWh-Which is good, because I finally have someone to give this training bra to.
2.34sHere you go, Josephina.
2.64sDoes that feel good on your new budding bosoms? Ha! Ha!
1.82sIt sure does, Mister--
0.92sGet the hell off of me!
3.09sWell, Rudolph, We finally figured out what makes your nose red.
2.64sIs it pixie dust or-- or leprechaun tails?
1.23sNo, it's a tumor.
2.5sYou mean like a magical Christmas tumor?
4.24sNo. A malignant tumor, the base of which is lodged deep within your brain.
1.43sLike a happy, special--
2.14sYou're going to die.
2.22sHey, everybody. Guess what I am?
4.32sUh, The end result of a drunken backseat grope fest and a broken prophylactic?
1.72sI'm on the flag-girl squad!