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3.74sUh-uh. Think. Is that what Alex would say?
3.1sOh, there you are. Listen, I'm sorry I ran out on you yesterday,
2.33sbut the girls couldn't wait to show me that tree.
2.62sOh, don't give it a second thought. I didn't.
3.04sAnyway, I got you a little present.
4.62sOh, earrings! Wow! Thank you so much, Alex.
2.52sOh. But these are for pierced ears.
0.42sYeah. Aren't they great?
2.65sAlex did ours.
2.75sYeah. All you need is a thumbtack and a whole lot of paper towels.
3.89sUh, but I don't think I'm ready for pierced ears.
4.27sWell, maybe you can put them on your doll.
1.94sjust kidding, Lise.
2.68s- I'm sure you'll be ready someday. - Oh, Lisa.