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4.42sYa thievin' grease bandits! I'll kill ya! Wait up!
2.07sNot so fast, boyo.
2.65sHell, if it was up to me, I'd let you go.
4.29sBut the lads have a temper, and they've been drinkin' all day!
2.99sOw! Ow! Ow!
4.5sStop pummeling me! It's really painful!
4.2sAll right, fine. I'll strangle ya for a while!
3.87sLisa, I have to run home. I need you to keep an eye on the dance.
4.55sOh, I don't wanna go in there with all the happy dancing couples.
3.14sNormally, I wouldn't ask. But it's an emergency.
3.4sMother has a june bug cornered in the basement, and she needs me to finish it off.
3.09sCome on! Chop-chop! All right! All right! D.M.Y.