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3.34sSimpson, be a dear and rub my legs till the feeling comes back.
4.55sA bug, I tell you! A bug!
1.98sI'm gonna resign.
3.37sI don't know why they made me union president in the first place.
2.32sBecause they love you down at the plant.
1.93sYeah, you're right.
2.57sGuys are always patting my bald head for luck,
2.77spinchin' my belly to hear my girlish laugh.
2.89sHmm. That doesn't sound like they like you at all.
4.6sYou're right. First thing tomorrow, I'm gonna punch Lenny in the back of the head.
3.05sBatten down those cowlicks. Straighten that part.
1.94sUncross those eyes, mister.
0.65sBut I can't!
2.25sOh, sorry, Quigley.
2.15sCome on, honey. Smile!
3.45sI bet you've got a beautiful smile.
2.53sWhy don't you share it with the world?