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2.97sThis is why I choose to get C's. Psst, Beth, Jerry, Summer.
1.37sOh, thank God, Morty.
1.02sOh, you're welcome.
1.33sAll right, let's get out of here.
4.5slfwe hurry we can set up camp in a sewer tunnel or something before the dogs completely take over.
0.86sWhoa, whoa, whoa.
1.02sWe're not going anywhere.
0.97sThis is my house.
1.02sI'm not abandoning it,
1.19sIt's all over, Jerry.
2.03sThe dogs are on a path to total world domination.
2.73sBut, hey, at least they know not to piss on your carpet, right?
1.09sWait a minute.
1.02sl have an idea.
2.83sGentlemen, a moment of your time.
1.09sSee that?
1.83sI'm peeing all over your special guns.
1.99sThat means I own them.