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1.19sHey, leave him alone!
1.4sYeah, this is a bunch of bullcrap.
2.8sWho cares what stupid pun you make when you kill someone?
1.99sWhy don't you let the poor guy say whatever he wants?
1.8sWell, I never!
2.3sH see no reason to stand here and take this.
3.37sYou're putting too much pressure on yourself, Scary Terry.
2.97sYou know, I mean, y-you're perfectly scary enough as it is,
3.77sHey, yo, Scary T., don't even trip about your pants ...dawg.
1.49sHere's a pair on us, fool.
1.93sAww, bitch.
1.4sI don't know what to say.
0.93sYou don't need to say anything.
0.93sWe got you, dawg.
0.9sYou're our boy, dawg.
1.49sDon't even trip.
3.09sOh, hey, it's you guys!
1.23sI haven't seen him this relaxed in years.
2.87slfyou guys ever need anything, just say the ward,
1.37sAs a matter of fact, Terry,
1.43sthere is something you could help us with.
2.13sJ, "Q," "R," You won't get very far J,