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1.56sYou got a really good point there, Rick.
4.9sLike, if the truth was that we could hide, it's not like he'd be sharing that information with us, you know?
2.47sl-l-l think it's a good idea, Rick.
0.97sWorst-case scenario --
1.52swe're back to running.
1.59sWow, you know what?
1.8sI mean, it looks like we could have just hid this whole time.
1.4sBoy, Rick, that was some good thinking.
1.43sThanks, Marty,
1.66sYeah, it's nice to be on the same page every once in a while.
1.83sYou can run...
2.9sbut you cant hide!
1.23sRICK: Oh, this is perfect, Marty, Look at that.
1.19sHe's getting sleepy.
1.93sJust a little bit longer before he calls it a day.
1.52sThat's when we make our move.