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4.44sNo, we were...uh, just seeing if Summerwanted to ...uh...
3.16sGo on, um, one of our famous midnight family walks!
1.33sYeah. Totally.
0.93sLet's go.
3.83sYou will walk when it is time to walk.
1.8sWhat are we here for again? lncepting?
2.2sWe're trying to incept me to get an "A" in math?
1.09sOh, yeah.
1.43sBuckle up, bitch!
1.8sMan, he sure says "Bitch" a lot!
2.63sYou can run, but you can't hide, bitch!
1.99sHold on, Marty, Y-you know what?
2.37sHe keeps saying we can run but we cant hide.
1.16sI say we try hiding.
1.37sBut that's the opposite of what--
1.97sYeah, well, since when are we taking this guy's advice on anything?
0.93sHey, you know what?
1.56sYou got a really good point there, Rick.
4.9sLike, if the truth was that we could hide, it's not like he'd be sharing that information with us, you know?