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1.99sOh, here we go!
1.4sHoly crap!
5.17sLooks like some sort of legally safe knock-off of an '80s horror characterwith miniature swords for fingers instead of knives.
1.93sI'm Scary Terry.
2.16sYou can run, but you can't hide, bitch!
1.9sWhoa! Hey, buddy.
1.59sWhat you got going on there?
1.4sSnuffles fix.
1.26sMake better.
2.2sHumans understand Snuffles now?
2.3sThat. ' ' is, ..awesome!
2.33sSnuffles want to be understood.
2.4sSnuffles needto be understood.
1.56sOkay, yeah.
1.66sI get what Beth was talking about.
1.09sFun's over.
1.23sWhoa, Dad, you can't, like,
2.23sendow a creature with sentience and then rip it away.
0.83sWhy not?
0.83sI don't know.
2.59slt's Indian giving.
7.9sA sophisticated predator, nature 's perfect killing machine, the vicious wolf stalks its prey with purpose and skill,
9.44sit was only with years of selective breeding and genetic altering that this noble beast was transformed into man's subservient little buddy.