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1.37sCome on, old man, little boy,
2.7sLet's make an inter-generational sandwich.
1.9sOh, my God. Oh, my God!
1.4sPut some clothes on, for pete's sake!
1.09sThis is disgusting!
0.9sI'm gonna puke!
1.73sI can't take it, Rick!
3.16sSexual hang-ups in the pleasure chamber are punishable by death!
1.13sOff with their heads!
2.47sTime to go another dream deep, Marty!
1.7sWhat the hell?
6.86sWhy would Mr. Goldenfold's dream version of Mrs. Pancakes' dream version of a Centaur be dreaming about a scary place like this, Rick?
0.9sGeez, I don't know, Morty.
1.09sWha-what do you want from me?
1.97sWelcome to your nightmare, bitch!
1.99sOh, here we go!
1.4sHoly crap!
5.17sLooks like some sort of legally safe knock-off of an '80s horror characterwith miniature swords for fingers instead of knives.
1.93sI'm Scary Terry.
2.16sYou can run, but you can't hide, bitch!
1.9sWhoa! Hey, buddy.
1.59sWhat you got going on there?