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1.43sIt's Goldenfold.
1.52sNice to wheat you!
1.97sTake cover, Marty!
2.06sGoldenfold's got more control here than I anticipated.
1.09sI mean, the guy teaches high-school math.
1.9sl-l-l-l didn't take him for an active dreamer.
1.87sWe got to take him out so he wakes up, Marty,
1.37sBut we can't get killed.
1.33slfyou get killed in someone else's dream,
1.59syou die for real, Marty,
0.99sWhat?! Are you kidding me?!
1.33sDon't be a baby!
1.9sYou avoid getting shot in real life all the time, Marty,
1.9sJust do the same thing here, and we'll be fine!
2.03sNow bring me my slippers.
3.66sNow, be my footstool, Snuffles.
1.52sThis is what I'm talking about.
1.93sThis is a dog,
0.93sOh, yeah.
1.7sThis should play out just fine.
2.7sYou said the same thing, equally sarcastically,