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1.63sGeez, Rick, in the time it took you to make this thing,
1.02scouldn't you have just,
1.56syou know, helped me with my homework?
1.26sAre you listening to me, Marty?
0.99sHomework is stupid.
1.59sThe whole point is to get less of it,
1.59sJ-J -- come on, let -- j--
1.56slet's just get over there and deal with this thing.
1.63sW-we're gonna incept your teacher.
2.43sY-y-y-y-y-you're frustrating me.
1.7sYou don't know me!
3.13sNice, Mrs. Pancakes -- real nice.
2.97sNext week on "The Days And Nights Of Mrs. Pancakes".,
1.09sYou don't know me!
4.2sThen iet me get to know you, damn W Uh-oh! Spoilers!
1.83sI'm a full season behind.
1.52sWow, Rick, I can't believe we're sitting around,
2.37sstanding around in Mr. Goldenfold's house.
0.97sIt's really weird.