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3.76sthe least you could do is put a little bit of it to use for the family.
1.83sYou make that dog smart or...
0.83sMarty's grounded!
1.43sHa-ha! Aw, man!
2.76sBoy, you really got me up against a wall this time, Jerry.
1.43sAll right, Ruffles -- What's his name?
2.33sSnuttles, shake.
1.8sRoll over.
2.99sGo to the bathroom.
1.63s- Holy crap! - No way.
2.9sYeah, you're at the top of your game now, Jerry.
0.9sHave fun.
0.83sCome on, Morty.
1.13sThat was fantastic, Rick!
4.17sYeah, Marty, if you like that, boy, you're -- you're really going to flip your lid over this one.
1.4sW-w-w-what is it?
2.43sIt's a device, Marty, that when you put it in your ear,
1.52syou can enter people's dreams, Marty,
2.06sIt's just like that movie that you keep crowing about.
1.63sYou talking about "Inception"?
3.89sThat's right, Marty, This is gonna be a lot like that, except, you know, it's gonna maybe make sense.
1.23s"Inception" made sense.
1.52sYou don't have to try to impress me, Marty,