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0.38sOh, yeah ? Well, I dare you to yank his beard off.
4.14sAh, touche.
1.94sI hope you feel better, Santa.
2.49sOh, I will when Mrs. Claus' sisters get outta town.
2.12sThanks for listenin', kid.
1.94sHey, Santa, what's shakin', man ?
3.77sWhat's your name, Bart... ner ? Uh, little partner ?
0.4sI'm Bart Simpson. Who the hell are you ?
2.74sI'm jolly Old St. Nick.
2.5sOh, yeah ? We'll just see about that.
2.62sD'oh !
3.69sHomer ! I want A word with you in Santa's workshop.
3.5s- Cover for me, Elfie. - Don't kill me, dad. I didn't know it was you.
1.93sNobody knows. It's a secret.
1.97sI didn't get my bonus this year.
2.22sBut to keep the family from missing out on Christmas,
0.38sI'd do anything.
1.49sI'll say, Dad.
3.3sYou must really love us to sink so low.