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2.55sHomer, why are you seven hours late ?
2.82sNot a word, Marge. I'm heading straight for the tub.
1.97sBut, Homer, my sisters are here.
2.19sDon't you wanna say hello ?
2.85sDaddy ! Daddy ! We're so glad to see you ! Oh, Dad, you're finally home !
3.09sWhat ? Why ? Oh, yeah.
2.7sHello, Patty. Hello, Selma.
2.28s- How was your trip ? - Fine.
0.46sYou both look well.
1.76sThank you.
3.22s- Yeah, well, Merry Christmas. - It's Christmas ?
2.72sYou wouldn't know it around here. And why is that ?
4.42sFor one thing, there's no tree Well, I was just on my way out to get one !
1.47sCan we go too, Dad ? Yeah, can we ?
1.43sNo !
2.35sSleigh bells ring
2.58sAre you listening
2.72sIn the lane
2.52sSnow is glistening
3.34sA beautiful sight