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2.5sPending your successful completion of our training program, that is.
3.3sHo ho ho. Ho ho ho.
2.89sHo ho ho. Ho ho ho.
0.46sWhat is it now, Simpson ?
2.76sUh, when do we get paid ?
3.52sNot a dime till Christmas Eve ! Now, from the top.
3.92sHo ho ho. Ho ho ho.
2.92sUm, Dasher.
2.59sDancer. Mm-hmm.
2.15sPrancer. Mm-hmm.
3.37sComet and... Cupid.
2sDonna Dixon ? Sit down, Simpson.
1.87sAnd what would you like, little boy ?
2.35sYou're not really Santa, tubby. Why, you little egghead !
2.65sNo, Homer ! If such an emergency arises,
2.85syou just tell them Santa's very busy this time of year,
3.64sand you are one of his helpers. Oh, I knew that one too !
2.55sHomer, why are you seven hours late ?
2.82sNot a word, Marge. I'm heading straight for the tub.