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0.55sIt's your sister.
2.66sOh !
2.6sHello. Hello, Marge. It's Patty.
4.47sSelma and I couldn't be more excited about seeing our baby sister For Christmas Eve.
4sWell, Homer and I are looking forward to your visit too.
2.5sSomehow I doubt that Homer is excited.
1.93sOf all the men you could've married,
2.94sI don't know why you picked one who's always so rude to us.
2.3sGood one, Dad.
2.74sOkay, kids, prepare to be dazzled.
2.77sMarge, turn on the juice !
2.35sWhat do you think, kids ?
1.93sNice try, Dad.
2.27sjust hold your horses, son. Hey, Simpson !
3.77sWhat is it, Flanders ? Do you think this looks okay ?
3.77sHo ho ho. Ho ho ho.