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0.93sHOnk, honk.
1.22sOk, that's it!
3.55sObviously, normal sensitivity training isn't enough for you!
2.18sNo, we're--we're gonna have to do something drastic.
1.89sJEEz. A week at a women's retreat.
1.77sWhat the hell am I supposed to learn from that?
3.87sWell, face it, Peter. Your attitude towards women isn't exactly enlightened.
2.17sOh, That's a bad mud puddle.
3.17sI wouldn't want you to step in that and get your nice shoes all ruined.
2.85sThen that time you got caught peeping in the ladies' locker room.
1.87sOk, move the towel.
1.63sMove the towel.
3.37sOh--oh--Oh! They spotted me.
2.62sPeter, I think this'll be good for you.
1.55sYou know I love you,
4.94sbut I have to admit, there are times when I wish you were a little more sensitive and...
2.4sLook at me! Look at-- Look at me!
3.2sHello, ladies. I'm Miss Watson, director of the retreat.
1.82sI'd like to welcome Peter Griffin,
2.69swho's here to get in touch with his feminine side.