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1.68sThe filing is done, Mr. Griffin.
1.6sThank you, Miss Ironbox.
2.57sYou are a valued member of our business team.
1.67sAnd I will give you a raise tomorrow,
2.2sif you come to work without a shirt on.
1.37sMr. Griffin!
2.5sI--I'm sorry. That came out wrong. L-l-l-Let me try again.
1.28snice ass.
1.67sYou haven't heard a word I've said!
2.25sNow that's not fair. I've heard everything you said.
4.44sIt's just-- You know, There's some subtleties to the rules that aren't so easy to understand.
0.93sHOnk, honk.
1.22sOk, that's it!
3.55sObviously, normal sensitivity training isn't enough for you!
2.18sNo, we're--we're gonna have to do something drastic.
1.89sJEEz. A week at a women's retreat.
1.77sWhat the hell am I supposed to learn from that?
3.87sWell, face it, Peter. Your attitude towards women isn't exactly enlightened.
2.17sOh, That's a bad mud puddle.
3.17sI wouldn't want you to step in that and get your nice shoes all ruined.