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1.7sall--all I did was tell a little joke.
1.75s2nd of all, women are not people.
3.55sThey are devices built by the Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment.
1.27sPeter, please!
4.82sMiss Ironbox, I assure you, this company in no way condones Peter's conduct.
5.57sIn fact, a film on employee relations has been a mandatory part of our personnel training for 50 years.
2.5sirrational and emotionally fragile by nature,
2.55sfemale coworkers are a peculiar animal.
2.39sThey are very insecure about their appearance.
2.75sBe sure to tell them how good they look every day,
1.72seven if they're homely and unkempt.
1.63sYou're doing a great job, Muriel,
2.14sand you're prettier than Mamie Van Doren.
2.28sAnd remember, nothing says "good job"
2.2slike a firm, open-palm slap on the behind.
4.75smr. Weed, I teach a workplace- sensitivity training class for the Women's Action Coalition.
1.9sIf Mr. Griffin completes my course,