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2.7sSo you got something to look at while you're talking to 'em.
1.2sSo you got--
2.43sYou--you, uh, You wanted to see me, Mr. Weed?
1.77sPeter, we have a problem.
2.12sMr. Griffin, I'm Gloria Ironbox.
2.6sI represent one of your co-workers, Sarah Bennett.
2.65sShe's suing you and the company for sexual harassment.
2.39sSarah, Sarah... I don't--
2.3sOh, Is she the one we videotaped taking a dump?
1.63sWhy? What happened?
3.29sSexual harassment is a very serious charge, Mr. Griffin.
2.5sAll right, look. First of all, if I can speak in my own defense,
1.7sall--all I did was tell a little joke.
1.75s2nd of all, women are not people.
3.55sThey are devices built by the Lord Jesus Christ for our entertainment.
1.27sPeter, please!
4.82sMiss Ironbox, I assure you, this company in no way condones Peter's conduct.