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1.37sHey, Quagmire.
5.52sMaybe the comedian will tell some jokes about boats or--or boating, or owning a boat.
3.9sYeah! ha, or--or maybe he'll tell some jokes about being a sucker!
1.47sOh, Quagmire.
4.52sYou're what the Spaniards call el terrible.
1.1sWhat are you so upset about?
1.42sI never even knew you liked boats.
1.57sHey--Hey, boating's in my blood.
1.38sEver since my great-grandfather,
2.95sHuck Griffin, rafted down the mighty Mississippi.
1.13sWhat did you just call me?
1.97sI--i--I thought that was your name.
1.03sThat is our word!
1.38sYou've got no right using it!
2.59sHey--hey--hey, I'm cool. I'm cool. No problem.
2.57sCould--Could you pass me the oar, N-word Jim?
1.02sThank you.
2.12sAh, this--This comic sucks!
1.33sHe--He couldn't make me laugh,
4.24seven if I was laughing my ass off and he was making me do it. Huh?
2sCome on, Skinny! Make me laugh!
2sPeter, that's a microphone stand.
5.07sOh. Oh, well, Pardon me for thinking a microphone stand in a comedy club should tell a joke or 2.