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1.38sIt's the Griffins.
2.3sWe're nautical now, baby. That's called "starboard."
2.2sBut I'll forgive you, 'cause you sex me up.
1.2sNow, give me some sugar.
2sHey, neighbors! Where's your boat?
4.02sWe didn't take the boat. We took the mystery box.
0.83sHop in.
1.37sHey, Quagmire.
5.52sMaybe the comedian will tell some jokes about boats or--or boating, or owning a boat.
3.9sYeah! ha, or--or maybe he'll tell some jokes about being a sucker!
1.47sOh, Quagmire.
4.52sYou're what the Spaniards call el terrible.
1.1sWhat are you so upset about?
1.42sI never even knew you liked boats.
1.57sHey--Hey, boating's in my blood.
1.38sEver since my great-grandfather,
2.95sHuck Griffin, rafted down the mighty Mississippi.
1.13sWhat did you just call me?
1.97sI--i--I thought that was your name.
1.03sThat is our word!
1.38sYou've got no right using it!
2.59sHey--hey--hey, I'm cool. I'm cool. No problem.
2.57sCould--Could you pass me the oar, N-word Jim?