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3.45sC'mon, Lois, You're acting like this is the first time I've done something stupid.
2.4sYou Remember the time I was supposed to get that boat?
3.12sA boat's a boat. But the mystery box could be anything.
1.27sIt could even be a boat.
1.63sYou know how much we've wanted one of those.
1.82sThen let's just-- We'll take the box.
2.08sPeter, that just happened 10 minutes ago.
2.35sWho cares? I'll bet nobody took the boat.
3.19sWho could resist the call of the mystery box?
2.33sHey, look at me. I'm the man in the boat.
1.22sAll right.
1.18sJoe, look to the right.
1.38sIt's the Griffins.
2.3sWe're nautical now, baby. That's called "starboard."
2.2sBut I'll forgive you, 'cause you sex me up.
1.2sNow, give me some sugar.
2sHey, neighbors! Where's your boat?
4.02sWe didn't take the boat. We took the mystery box.
0.83sHop in.
1.37sHey, Quagmire.
5.52sMaybe the comedian will tell some jokes about boats or--or boating, or owning a boat.