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1.52sIt's so cold in here.
1.62sI mean, look at my...
1.1sOh, my God, Peter!
2.53sI sent a copy of that tape to my Great Aunt Lil!
1.74sThis wedding is hot!
2.23sWake up, damn it! Wake up!
1.65sHello, Mr. and Mrs. Griffin.
1.6snow, I know you've been here all day.
7.04sSo, If you'll just sign this contract without reading it, I'll take your blank check and you won't not be not loving your time-share before you know it.
2.25sLook, slick, We're not gonna buy your lousy time-share, all right?
0.75sNow, where's my boat?
2.14sHold on. You have a choice.
3.2sYou can have the boat or the mystery box.
1.89sWhat, Are you crazy? We'll take the boat.