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2.49sLook, You just get goin', and boom, it's News at Noon.
0.2sCan we go soon?
1.31sNot yet.
3.84sGloria Ironbox and Camille Paglia are gonna whip it out and see whose is bigger.
2.1sPeter, I'm so glad you could make it.
2.37sGloria, this is my life partner, Lois.
1.27sI'm his wife.
1.37sHis "wife." Yes.
2.67sPeter tells me you don't have a career of your own.
1.25sOh, No.
3.84sLife outside my kitchen is so bright and scary.
3.1sI'm just here because you caught me between pregnancies.
6.94sWell, I'm sorry you're so hostile toward someone who's fighting so a woman like you can become more than just a housewife.
2.87sOh, just a housewife?
1.85sLook, I'm all for equality,
2.75sbut if you ask me, feminism is about choice.
1.8sI choose to be a wife and mother.
2.75sAnd now I'm choosing to end this conversation.