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2.67sHey, man, we caught your concert from here.
1.57sYou rock!
2.77sOh-- Oh, Bender, sign my chest!
2.35sIt's in that bin behind me.
3.3sYo, brother! Thanks for showin' that broken robots are still useful.
2.25sAw, hang in there, folks.
3.1sI bet before you know it, you guys'll be--
3.65sThat is so wrong! You can't just melt down broken robots.
1.93sNot right when they're kissing my ass.
2.4sWhoa, dawg. just cold chill.
2.47sYou know, when I'm upset, I write a song about it.
3.6sLike, when I wrote "Devil's Haircut," I was feeling really--
2.84s- What's that song about? - Hey, yeah.
2.77sI could write a song... with real words.
2.27sNot phony ones, like "odelay."
3s"Odelay" is a word. just look it up in the Becktionary.