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3sDon't take it so hard. I used to miss my body too,
3.32sbut then I fished this mannequin out of the 92-Cent Store Dumpster.
2.67sWow! We've sure got a lot in common, Beck.
3.32sI always dreamed of being a musician-poet who transcends genres,
2.44seven as he reinvents them, just like you.
2.74sSo do it, robot. It's easier than it looks.
1.97sYeah, thanks, but it's hopeless.
1.92sI'll never be a musician now.
5.15sOr maybe... You'll be the best musician ever.
2sWhat's this for?
3.34sTry and scrape it across your chest, like a knife on burnt toast.
3.19sCome on. Move those arms. Use the power of mental thinking.
3.25sMake it dynamic.
3.49sYeah-yeah-Yee! All right. Congratulations, my friend.
2.1sWhy? 'Cause I can make annoying noises?
3.49sExactly. I use those all the time in my music.