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2.14sPoor Bender.
2.03sWell, let's drag him to the curb.
2.43sWait a minute. Bender is my best friend.
3.1sWe can't just dump him in the gutter like Grandma's ashes.
3.2sOh! My life is over.
3.37sI'll never know happiness again.
2.27sHello there.
1.87sLook, Bender. It's Patch Cord Adams.
2.15sHe heals with the power of laughter.
1.4sCome on. Take it.
2sWhat's the matter? Can't move your arms?
3.14sObviously not, or I'd be strangling you right now.
2.48sHey, here's a giggle.
2.6sDid you hear why they're using Windows 3000 as a prison guard?
0.46sNo. Why?
1.66s'Cause it always locks up.
2.99sFor the love of God, somebody kick his ass!
2.84sWell, so long. Get well soon.
3.57sOh. Well. So long anyway.