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1.25sAh, Very good, sir.
2.07sYou don't have a Swiss bank account!
4.35sMy lawyer's advised me to keep some of my assets a secret in case things don't work out.
3.49sI'm going home. Where's Brian?
3.9sListen, I told this blonde inside I got a 500SL. Can you help me out?
2.08sI'm sorry. But I've made my decision.
3.09sWe're moving back tO quahog as soon as we can get packed.
2.32sTO quahog, that one-horse town?
1.62sShut up. No, you shut up.
2.07sNo, you shut up. You're the one talking.
2.9sThere's no one else here. Everybody just shut up!
2.4sWhat's that? The wind!
1.35sA pox on quahog!
4.3sIf I ever go back tO quahog, it'll be just so I can poke poor people with a stick!
2.47sBon Jovi, everyone.
2.1sNow I remember why I left Newport!
3.07sIt changes people. You kids have lost your values.
1.22sYou've lost your mind!
2.79sAnd I don't much care for Stewie's new friends.