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2.6sIf that's French for Star Wars collectors glasses,
1.62sthen si.
3.6sMr. Griffin, you're the most generous man since Ted Turner.
4.34sUh, uh, I'd like to announce I'm giving a gift the whole world can appreciate.
1.98sI've colorized the moon.
2.74sPeter, you don't have $100 million!
1.77sOf course I do, my dear.
1.77sNow, would that be cash or check?
1.73sDrop by Cherrywood this evening.
2.27sI'll have the money wired to me from my...
1.92sMmm. Swiss bank account.
1.25sAh, Very good, sir.
2.07sYou don't have a Swiss bank account!
4.35sMy lawyer's advised me to keep some of my assets a secret in case things don't work out.
3.49sI'm going home. Where's Brian?
3.9sListen, I told this blonde inside I got a 500SL. Can you help me out?
2.08sI'm sorry. But I've made my decision.
3.09sWe're moving back tO quahog as soon as we can get packed.
2.32sTO quahog, that one-horse town?
1.62sShut up. No, you shut up.
2.07sNo, you shut up. You're the one talking.