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1.62sYou have to buy it back.
1.8sIt's too late For that. Our stuff is packed.
1.17sIt's on its way here.
2.18sCome on, Lois, you'll love living in Newport.
1.18sSure, this house is big,
1.87sbut it's also very intimate.
2.17sintimate. IntiMatE.
2.03sSo we're really gonna live here now?
1.12sThat's right, honey.
1.63sI don't know, Peter.
2.3sPlease, Mom. Look, there's a pool.
2.27sYeah. And there's a chaiR.
2.38sThe solarium is at the far end of the west wing.
5.41sCome play with us, Stewie, forever and ever and ever.
3.84sYes. All work and no play makes Stewie a dull boy.
3.84sAnd Across the hall from the library we have the billiard room.