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4.64sWe'd take a bullet just for you oh, What a coincidence. I've got one.
4.44sPrepare to suck that golden teat
3.34sNow that you're stinking rich
3.39swe'll gladly be your bitch
2.5sMy God, this house is
3.2sfreakin' sweeT
2.29sWelcome That's a wrap, people.
1.17sNow Let's get the hell out of here.
1.17sWait A second. Where are you going?
2.39sThe old bag only paid us up through the song.
2.4sWe can just pick up after ourselves.
2.57sAfter all, we'll only be here on weekends.
1.18sNo, No, Lois.
2.94sIt's time you started living like the Piece of Schmidt you are.
1.4sThat's PewterschmidT!
1.67sW-w-Wait, you guys.
2.32sYou're all hired to be full-time Griffin servants.
3.52sPeter, where are we gonna get the money to pay all these people?