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4.91sand exquisite Cherrywood Manor the palatial mansion of Marguerite Pewterschmidt.
5.67sMarguerite is a shining example of how people with a lot of money are just plain better than everyone elsE.
2.47sLois, you were always my favorite niece.
4.77sI just knew you'd find a wonderful man who would make all your dreams come true.
1.33sBut I was wrong.
2.2sAnd now you're dead. Score one for Peter.
2.94sIt's time you started living like a Pewterschmidt.
1.5sThat's why I'm giving you
2smy summer home in Newport.
3.57sCherrywood? That's so generous of Aunt Marguerite.
1.7sWow, Our own summerhouse!
2.94sNow I feel kind of bad for doing that thing with her toothbrush.