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2.25sShe left us something in her will.
3.02sHoly crap! You sweet old broad, I love you!
1.83sOh, my God. She's dead.
2.59sMadam Pewterschmidt's passing has saddened us all.
1.57sYeah, it's a real tragedy.
2.84sWhat did we get? Come on, big money! No whammy! Stop!
4.14sPeter, please! I'm sorry. He's stricken with grief.
3.55sBefore she passed, your aunt recorded a message for you.
6.7sNewport, Rhode island home of New England's most elegant and historic estates the Breakers, Rosecliff,
4.91sand exquisite Cherrywood Manor the palatial mansion of Marguerite Pewterschmidt.
5.67sMarguerite is a shining example of how people with a lot of money are just plain better than everyone elsE.