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3.77sChubby Franklin would always make a face like this.
4.22sDad, you're not listening. I have a serious problem.
2.69sI got a girl pregnant. What do I do?
3.15sAnd when we saw Chubby Franklin make his face,
2.32swe would all make this face.
1.83sOh, god! Oh, my God!
3.45sHey, Dad, you never did tell us how you got our house back.
3.34sSimple. I just offered the people I sold it to double what they paid.
2.33sWhat? But how could you afford that?
3.69sI kept one of those Lincoln pictures and held a little auction of my own.
4.52sThanks to old Honest Abe we have our house back and I learned a valuable lesson.
2.94sIt doesn't matter if your family doesn't think I'm good enough for you.