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3.19sIt is! Go, Freedom Train!
1sI've seen enough.
3.85sI happen to know that nothing of historical significance ever occurred here.
2.4sPlease, have our money ready by tomorrow. Good day!
2.4sLook, this is where the Pilgrims landed at Fraggle Rock!
1.73sExcuse me, Lord Griffin.
2.39sYour family is going back tO quahog.
3.32sIf you get tired of being a snob, look us up.
3.42sLord Griffin is dead. It's just me, Peter the towel boy.
3.79sPeter, you're back! Let's go home!
1.95sWe can't. I sold our home.
4.25sOur beautiful home with the stolen cable and the little man with the penis for a light switch.
1.77sWe'll find another place.
3.54sYour Aunt Marguerite is probably laughing at me while she's burning in Hell,
1.45smay she rest in peace.
2.17sShe was right. Everyone was right.
1.68sI'm not good enough for you.
2.4sPeter, I don't care what anyone else thinks.
2.74sAll that matters is that I love you.