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1.49sWha -- well, what's this?
2.47sW-what could this possibly be?
2.59sBecause it looks like you're inside a simulation,.,
2.83sinside a simulation.
1.56sYou're still on the ship.
1.56sGame-day bucket go boom.
4.66sSir, the, uh, doctor's appointment to examine the discoloration on your butthole flaps was --
1.37sToo loud, Cynthia.
1.16sToo loud and too specific.
3.86sWe've known how to make concentrated dark matter for a long time.
5.44sBut now we also know the code to your fabled safe, Rick Sanchez!
3.53sAll your most valuable secrets will now be ours!
3.26sUh, yeah, until I get home before you and change the combination, you bunch of idiots!
1.33sThat is why you're never getting home.