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1.87sI am going to work. Goodbye.
1.43sWhat's with mom?
1.43sOh, what's with mom?
1.83sSo, you're saying that she’s acting weird?
1.52sHow sophisticated.
1.19sCareful, guys.
1.83sYou're gonna burn out the CPU with this one.
1.23sOkay, you know what, Rick?
1.09sYoure acting weird, too.
2.76sWhatever, quote-unquote "Marty."
1.16sAll right, well...
1.26sI'll see you after school.
1.73sOwl, Oof! Ugh!
1.02sDamn it!
1.19sI'm all right. I'm okay.
3.16sAll right, who can tell me what 5 x 9 is?
0.86sUh, me?
1.23sWhat is 5 x 9? know, it's uhh least 40.
2.26sMarty, that's exactly correct!
2.49s5 X 9 is at least 40!
0.9sCome up here.
1.33sWhoo! Way to go, Marty!
2.43sEverybody, this is the best student.
1.93sI want you to be the teacher today.
1.37sTeach us, Marty!
1.4sW-w-w-what do you want me to teach you?
1.02sOoh, ooh!
1.8sHow do you make concentrated dark matter?
1.16sOh, that's a good question.