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2.23sKeep your eyes peeled for the central processing room, Marty,
1.7sThat's how we're gonna scam these idiots,
2.3sSo, hey, why do these aliens keep coming after you, Rick,
1.43sif you're so much smarter than them?
1.56sIt's an obsession for them at this point.
3.16sThe Zigerions have been trying to outsmart me for years, Morty.
1.99sEvery time they do, I'm one step ahead ofthem.
1.09sHere we go.
1.8sGrab as many processors as you can carry, Morty.
1.4sThese guys aren't good at much,
2.2sbut they're really good at making these chips.
1.56sRICK: I've got so many, I can barely hold them all.
0.99sLook at -- look at this.
0.99sOops. I dropped one.
1.3sDon't worry about it, Marty,
1.47sThere's plenty of them, you little goofball.
1.52sCome here, Morty! Oh, I gotcha!
0.9sCome on, quit it, Rick!
1.33sQuit it!
3.49sNothing wrong with just a little bit of horseplay every now and then, little fella.