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1.37sHey, Rick.
3.2sBoy, sure is really especially beautiful out there today, huh?
1.19sOh, yes, Morty.
1.83sl-it's almost unbelievable, isn't it?
1.02sYeah, you know?
2.9sThere's something about the air and just the way the sunshine is,
0.93sUh, sure, buddy. Yeah.
1.73sSure. B-brilliant. Very convincing.
0.9sWha-- convincing?
1.09sOh, Responsive, too.
1.3sIn real time. I love it.
1.16sI'm going to work.
1.37sMarty, good morning.
1.09sDad, good morning.
1.87sI am going to work. Goodbye.
1.43sWhat's with mom?
1.43sOh, what's with mom?
1.83sSo, you're saying that she’s acting weird?
1.52sHow sophisticated.
1.19sCareful, guys.
1.83sYou're gonna burn out the CPU with this one.
1.23sOkay, you know what, Rick?
1.09sYoure acting weird, too.
2.76sWhatever, quote-unquote "Marty."
1.16sAll right, well...
1.26sI'll see you after school.
1.73sOwl, Oof! Ugh!
1.02sDamn it!