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1.56sI'm going to make love to my wife!
1.33sLookin' good.
0.83sSlow down!
0.86sMy man!
1.26sAw, geez, Rick.
1.66sI-I don't know if I like this plan, you know?
3.89sI mean, crowds, t-t-t-they have a tendency to make me really nervous.
1.13sMarty, relax.
1.7sIt's just a bunch of Is and Os out there.
1.19sYou're gonna be fine.
1.19sJust follow my lead.
1.49sYo, deejay, drop that beat.
1.49sUh-oh, Marty,
3.09sThis crowd looks too small for one of ourfamous rap concerts.
1.87sI don't think we can perform our new song,
2.16s"The Recipe for Concentrated Dark Matter,"
1.16sfor a crowd this tiny.
1.52sYou got that right, Rick.
1.66sRICK: Now that's more like it!
1.66sMarty, here we go.