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2.13sThese Zigerions are always trying to scam me out of my secrets,
2.59sbut they made a big mistake this time, Marty,
1.8sThey dragged you into this.
1.09sNow they're gonna pay!
1.56sWhat do you -- w-w-what are we gonna do?
1.93sWe'll scam the scammers, Marty,
2.7sAnd we're gonna take them for everything they've got.
2.66sJERRY: National Apple Farmers of America,
2.06swelcome to our Ad Agency.
1.93sI'm Jerry Smith.
0.93sAll right.
1.4sI'll just...get to the pitch.
3.99sUm, simple question, gentlemen, what are apples?
1.33sExcuse me.
1.9sWhat are apples?
2.59sApples are food.
2.49sAnd...when do we need food?